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10 Independent Artists You Should Know: August 2022

This is part of a series highlighting 10 independent artists each month. Artists are presented in alphabetical order. To be considered for future entries, you can submit your music via the email address provided below.



Producer, artist, and engineer from Chicago

One Song Introduction: "Confused" ft. ChitownJay & KHKO

One Sentence Pitch: Fresh off of producing fiancée Morgan Gold's debut album, 730Skylar releases her own debut single- a hypnotic reflection on a faltering relationship.


Andrew Kelly

Rapper from St. Louis

One Song Introduction: “Porcelain”

One Sentence Pitch: Andrew Kelly is releasing music at breakneck speeds, with five full length projects already releasing this year but somehow his wordplay is only getting sharper and his content more personal as showcased on the self-titled album "KELLY."

Links: Twitter


Brittney Carter

Rapper from Chicago

One Song Introduction: “Prove Em Wrong"

One Sentence Pitch: Brittney Carter can keep up with just about anybody bar for bar and she balances her lyricism with a refreshing, smooth delivery that keeps you coming back for more.


Cam Hayden

Rapper from Texas

One Song Introduction: "Stagnant"

One Sentence Pitch: With his recent single "Stagnant," Cam Hayden shows that musically he is as dynamic as ever, slipping seamlessly between rapping and crooning as he explores his mental health.


Dre Wave$

Rapper from DC

One Song Introduction: “Sterilize" (with Ricky Desktop & Mick Jenkins)

One Sentence Pitch: Dre Wave$ is one of the most exciting new artists out of the DMV, with an undeniable charisma and distinct, resonant voice.



Producer and rapper from Memphis & Mississippi

One Song Introduction: “sunstaring" (with Gios4ma)

One Sentence Pitch: You may know him best for his production work for artists like Curren$y and Boldy James, but Flywalker also holds his own on the mic where he makes his clever verses sound breezy and effortless.


Johan Lenox

Composer, producer, and singer from Boston

One Song Introduction: “You Up" ft. Ant Clemons

One Sentence Pitch: Johan Lenox is your favorite rapper's favorite composer, known for working with everyone from superstars like Kanye West to fresh independent acts like Ben Blanks; with his new album WDYWTBWYGU he steps into the spotlight as a solo artist and delivers one of the strongest albums of the year.


Merlaku Ra

Rapper, songwriter, and producer from Greenville

One Song Introduction: “MIRROR" ft. Ausar, Sylvan LaCue, & AALI

One Sentence Pitch: Merlaku Ra has been building momentum for the last few years and with his newest release ANGELS.1, he seems poised to take the next steps and establish himself as one of the most compelling rappers to come out of South Carolina in a long time.



Rapper from the 757

One Song Introduction: "TUCKER"

One Sentence Pitch: Virginia's own mynameisntjmack, the first artist releasing under Genius' distribution, comes with a fully formed artistic identity including multiple alter egos that allow him to rap from different perspectives throughout his verses.



Rapper from Baton Rouge

One Song Introduction: “Silhouette" ft. Marco Plus

One Sentence Pitch: Wakai has a laidback, confident delivery that eases you into his verbose rhymes, with his album To A Dark Boy proving he's got the potential to be among the best Southern rappers of the next generation.


Written by: Tyler Blankinship, @TylerBlankCQCX on Twitter.

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