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10 Independent Artists You Should Know: July 2022

This is part of a series highlighting 10 independent artists each month. Artists are presented in alphabetical order. To be considered for future entries, you can submit your music via the email address provided below.



Rapper from Chicago

One Song Introduction: "Rap City" ft. Smino

One Sentence Pitch: Femdot is one of the most exciting voices out of a loaded Chicago independent music scene, balancing dynamic lyricism with honest storytelling.


Gio Genesis

Singer from White Plains

One Song Introduction: “Shoot For Something” ft. Tyjhier

One Sentence Pitch: Whether working on his solo material or continuing his run of show-stealing feature performances, you can always count on Gio Genesis to provide soulful, moving vocals and carefully crafted lyrics.


Jon Swaii

Rapper and producer from the Bronx

One Song Introduction: “When I'm Down"

One Sentence Pitch: Jon Swaii's raps are insightful and meticulously layered with a core call to action for people to take a stand and take power back from their oppressors.


Kelow LaTesha

Rapper from Prince George's County

One Song Introduction: "Charizard"

One Sentence Pitch: Kelow LaTesha oozes charisma, with an electricity to her delivery that keeps you hanging on every clever line that comes out of her mouth.



Singer and rapper from the DMV

One Song Introduction: “Inside Out"

One Sentence Pitch: Kwajo may only have a few songs out, but it has quickly become apparent that he's got an adept ear for hit-making and an instantly relatable charm.


Mickey Woods Jr.

Rapper from Port Arthur

One Song Introduction: “For the Iso"

One Sentence Pitch: Mickey Woods Jr. never shies away from his Texas roots, putting his own distinctive spin on the sounds that shaped him while exhibiting his lyrical prowess.


Southpaw Swade

Rapper and producer from Florida

One Song Introduction: “Roc Chain" ft. Ausar & Thelonious Martin

One Sentence Pitch: You can hear in his voice that Southpaw Swade means every single thing he raps, whether an exuberant boast or an honest reflection.


tyler donavan

Rapper and singer-songwriter from Norfolk

One Song Introduction: “Take the Lead"

One Sentence Pitch: Virginia's own tyler donavan refuses to be boxed in, showing that he's just as comfortable singing on danceable tracks like as he is putting together a barrage of bars.


Vitamin Cea

Rapper from Mississippi

One Song Introduction: "Gold From Mud"

One Sentence Pitch: Vitamin Cea's raps are a breath of fresh air, blending honest songwriting with acrobatic flows whether on her own song, in a "Cea-mix" of a hit record, or in one of her stand-out features verses.



Rapper from Quad Cities

One Song Introduction: “Days Go By" ft. Twnty8

One Sentence Pitch: Zig9y is having fun rapping and you can hear it in his sunny delivery as he spits witty punchlines and contemplative bars.


Written by: Tyler Blankinship, @__solodolo__ on Twitter.

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