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10 Indie Artists You Should Know: December 2022

This is part of a series highlighting 10 independent artists each month. Artists are presented in alphabetical order. To be considered for future entries, you can submit your music via the email address provided below.


Billy Blunt

Producer and session guitarist from Austin

One Song Introduction: "Last Time" with Chris Patrick

One Sentence Pitch: Billy Blunt is the not so secret weapon of Crossroads Music Group, providing production and signature guitar solos on many of the best tracks to come out of the ascending collective.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Donte Thomas

Rapper from Portland

One Song Introduction: "Tired of Smoke In My Eyes" with Bocha & MFnMelo

One Sentence Pitch: Donte Thomas clearly values his skills as a wordsmith as much as his skills to make melodic, enjoyable songs.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Innanet James

Rapper from Montgomery & PG County

One Song Introduction: "Way Up" ft. Rexx Life Raj

One Sentence Pitch: Innanet James has a natural charisma that makes his clever, nimble raps sound completely effortless.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Jeph Early

Rapper and producer from Jackson

One Song Introduction: "SMS" with Kingjp

One Sentence Pitch: Jeph Early is an elite rapper with voice to match, spitting dense, personal bars with conviction in his baritone.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Kweku Collins

Rapper, producer, and singer-songwriter from Evanston

One Song Introduction: “The Dust"

One Sentence Pitch: Refusing to be boxed into a single genre or category, Kweku Collins makes music that blends myriad influences from Outkast to Bob Marley to MGMT.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Lou Ridley

Singer-songwriter from Houston

One Song Introduction: “Waters"

One Sentence Pitch: Lou Ridley is one of the most exciting voices coming out of modern country music, embracing sonic elements of the genre while infusing outside influences and reckoning with harmful elements of its culture.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Nate Joël

Rapper from Silver Spring

One Song Introduction: “CALL ME WHEN YOU NEED ME"

One Sentence Pitch: Nate Joël has a youthful energy, but sounds like he's been rapping his whole life with the ease of his flows and the maturity of his reflective verses.

Links: Twitter, Instagram



Rapper from Chicago

One Song Introduction: “HIM" with ChessNotCheckers

One Sentence Pitch: Olde.'s music is equal parts heavy hitting bars and earworm hooks, showcasing his chops as both a rapper and a singer.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Tyler Lauren

Singer-songwriter from the Bay Area

One Song Introduction: "come pick up the phone"

One Sentence Pitch: Tyler Lauren's smooth, layered melodies and vulnerable lyrics may not be coming through your radio quite yet but it's only a matter of time before she becomes a star.

Links: Twitter, Instagram



Producer from Vacaville

One Song Introduction: “Can't Breathe" with Kiran the Nomad, Gio Genesis, & Morgan Gold

One Sentence Pitch: The producer behind much of Kiran the Nomad's best work, YAEYGO provides rich, textured instrumentals that feel warm and lived in; every sound fits perfectly into place.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Written by: Tyler Blankinship, @TylerBlankCQCX on Twitter.

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