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10k.Zuri Is On The Run In "Halftime" Video

I first knew of Zuri from when I was writing with the Cheats Movement [read our interview from March 10, 2020]. I knew she was an emcee but I knew her more as a young ODU student that created her own platform for Richmond creatives and was featured on the news because of it She is a very polished emcee at such a young age and I saw her destroy the stage for this Talent RVA event the night before this article was written.

In this visual for Halftime, Zuri is on the run from some FBI agents as she's making her rounds around the city of Richmond. It's an entertaining visual and the way Zuri delivers bar after bar will keep you tuned in even more to the visual as she's stacking paper, taking out agents while they're in their offices trying to find a pattern to her movements. The young pup has the bark of a Great Dane in this song that's on her As The World Turns EP. You can watch the visual for the song below and follow her on Instagram.

Behind the scenes of the video shoot. Photo creds @h3rizz on Instagram

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media

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