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1950 ("Beat Ya Feet" Dance Video) is content done right

As we wrap up the workweek, Olumide is counting down for the release of the "Beat Ya Feet" Dance Video for his recently released, 1950. A couple of days ago, the PG County-based artist released footage of him and his crew scouting for locations and even interviewing the performers involved in the production.

For those not keeping count, Olumide and his team have managed to create FOUR pieces of content (Song, Music Video, Behind-The-Scenes, AND Dance Video) out of one idea while putting a spotlight on his area's culture. This refreshingly proactive approach is a clear indication of how seriously the artist values his product. Surely, it encourages listeners new and old to value it the same way.

In summary, the best way to generate excitement for a release is probably to double down on your excitement about it.

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Written by J Geronimo // @ScreamGeronimo (IG) / @GeronimoGTFU (Twitter)

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