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TWOVIEW on Future's - "I Never Liked You"

Hey guys it's your boy OG ILLA. We are back with another 2View and this time it's for Future's latest album I Never Liked You. Inhale deeply and smell that toxicity because baby it's our time to shine! Now, I know you think that we are about to just destroy women, but that's not what this is about, this is about us celebrating our lord and savior Mr. Hendrix.

I am going to take the first lead on this. My girl has won way too many fights lately and I needed this boost. It's been a few projects since I've actually enjoyed a Future project, so when I saw the rollout for this album, I knew I was going to enjoy this. More than that, I knew I needed this.

Starting off with the intro 7:12 PM we got Future in his Louis duffle. He sets an electrifying pace for the album as a whole and I am here for all the braggadocious raps. From the fentanyl diamonds to the private jets, we get an insight into how Future sees himself. My favorite bars, possibly from the whole project, are when he compares himself to God. Shows the type of internal battles Future goes through when dealing with this level of fame and success, and I'm here for it.

I don’t even care who these n*ggas shot at, ain't nan of 'em got murked

I got some real killers, they'll kill a n*gga, then go and shoot up the hearse

You think a n*gga like me give a fuck ’bout a nigga shooting up the church?

I gotta take this shit up with God 'cause I'm a god on the earth

We even get the dynamic duo with two Drake features and Wait for U sounded more like Drake than Drake has sounded like Drake recently. The video is incredible as well, it's like a rendition of Game of Thrones meets City Boys.

Haunting songs like Holy Ghost shows once again how Future can touch your soul even during the most lit situations. When I switch my wrist up, switch my car, switch my b*tch up. Every time I hit her, I broke her off then dismissed her. Our king once again proves he thrives on pettiness.

Other songs that are in constant rotation are Puffin On Zooties, Keep It Burnin, and Back To The Basics. For me, this album is no skips. I love that he still finds fun in the music like For A Nut featuring Young Thug and Gunna and it's good to have Pluto back at the top.

hoodxbuddha checking in to say first things first let’s make things clear: CITY BOYS ARE UP.

This is that “I can’t call my ex cuz she’s already blocked” energy.

For me the album starts with the second track, I'm Dat N****. I love how Future declares his position from the first bar with a triumphant, "don’t play bout the legacy". The record itself is a confidence booster as Future’s ego oozes over 808s and he’s not afraid to tell you he’s come a long way.

I’m in the spot where the GRAMMY at

I been that n**** in hand me down


It’s cashmere, special cloth, I got diamonds on

A feature from Kanye West seemed a bit unorthodox at first glance but Keep It Burnin was a great way for the two artists to mesh their styles. I personally loved the cadence of Kanye’s verse because it reminds me of Tay-K’s Hard. I don’t know if he meant to pay homage to the incarcerated rapper but the similarities are there.

Save the pep talk, and the Ted talk

I’m bout to set it off, I’m bout to set it off

Gold Stacks makes me want to talk my s***. Periodt.

I just stepped on a b**** in Chanel No. 9

I just stepped up her swag, now she all buss down

Misogynist yes, but play this before you enter the office and tell me you won’t be ready to conquer the day.

As a Drizzy stan, I was completely here for Wait for You. And the Tems sample *chef kiss*. This record brings a level of chill the project needs before digesting its second half. Future brings a level of vulnerability that we’ve probably seen before but obviously can’t get enough of.

I been in the field like the children of the corn

I can hear your tears when they drop over the phone

Get mad at yourself cause you can’t leave me alone

This is a safe space. We’ve all been there.

The remainder of the project was a bit hit or miss for me but some standout records were Chicken ft EST Gee, Holy Ghost, and “I'm On One” ft Drake once again.

Overall, I Never Liked You is a solid project arriving just in time for the Summer. I give it an 8/10.

Stream I Never Liked You Here.

Written by: OG ILLA (@hlgnlife) and hoodxbuddha (@hoodxbuddha)

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