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5 Artists That Need To Compete On Smack Url

MC Battle Culture may not seem as active as it used to be but, it's still alive and well. Smack URL (Ultimate Rap League) is a YouTube series that which artists compete against each other. Think of spoken but instead, you have an opponent that you're meant to violate. Tough skin, hard-hitting one-liners, boasting, and wordplay are needed to succeed in these battles. Cash prizes and exposure is what the winner ends up with and of course, bragging rights. Here are 5 artists that are either experienced in battle rap or would be the perfect candidate.

1. Mila Mansa

As you can see in the picture above, she has already been crowned as the Elite Cypher Champion. Mila Mansa loves the real culture of Hip-Hop and you can surely tell. Her bars will smack you in the face and pierce your nerves. Mila's lyrics are cutting edge and full of double entendres. In Mila's single Repetition, she showcases her wordplay and attitude perfectly. A writer, a poet, a real Hip-Hop emcee.

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2. Chance Fischer

His cup runneth over and his energy exudes out of it. Chance Fischer possesses a slick tongue along with a contagious quick-witted attitude. Here we have another skilled rapper who has actually battled former URL rappers in the past. So when it comes to battling, Chance will never be intimated or discouraged by his opponents. In his newest single, Don + Corleone featuring Noah O., Chance showcases his clever usage of metaphors and similies. He endures the beat easily which is needed while battling (on no beat).

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Personality is a force that you can feel even if you just got introduced to them. Alfred has the confidence of an 80's model in their prime and you can feel it within every line rapped. The flows, deliveries, and inflections prove that Alfred would be perfect for battle rap. Quirky lines filled with banter throughout their lyrics will definitely keep you entertained. On Alfred's track PRNDL, their flow literally switches up along with the beat which keeps you wanting to hear more. Alfred's lyrics are relatable, honest, and descriptive.

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4. Ro$$eTTi

He has shown us time and time again that he doesn't play when it comes to battle rapping. Ro$$eTTi expresses all his emotions while battling which gives the whole room a feel of how he's coming. His voice and wordplay project out from his body which holds the room's attention. In his recent single Fro Kobe, Ro$$eTTi easily tells a story while keeping it vivid with his lyrics. He lets his bars breathe so that we can take them in. A skilled artist that brings forward what's needed.

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5. 40 B.A.R.R.S

She has been in over a dozen rap battles including a URL appearance and continues to dominate them. 40 B.A.R.R.S. brings her feminine, confident energy and then surprises you with the fire she spits gracefully. She is known for digging up dirt on opponents and disrespecting them with no remorse. 40's SoundCloud is filled with straight freestyles and her pen is lethal. Just listen to her Rap God Freestyle, where she makes her losses known but remains confident and aggressive about her battling talents. We hope to see her on another URL card very soon.

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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