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Summer Jam is a concert held by the radio station Hot 97. This concert has been held every June for the last 25 years. The lineup never disappoints, featuring A-list Hip-Hop and R&B artists. A few artists performing this year include; City Girls, Pusha T, and Benny The Butcher amongst many more. Here are 5 indie artists we think would be perfect for Summer Jam 2022.

1. Elle Symone

She takes a calmer approach to her sound but still gets her point across to you. Elle Symone's tracks can make you sway, bob your head or sing along. When you listen to Elle, you get a laidback feeling while she glides over beats. In her newest single, Rollin' she gives us the perfect mixture of her melodies and easy-to-remember lyrics. Summer Jam would treat Elle Symone so well.

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2. Big Dame

She means exactly what she says in every line. Big Dame brings energy, fire lyrics, and followable flows. Dame stays consistent always dropping new videos, and singles, along with performing regularly. She knows how to keep it cute while telling you what it is. On her track Lame Bitches ft. Koka, Dame harmonizes about how wack most people really are. Big Dame has relatable lyrics that you'll be yelling by the end of her set, and that energy is needed at Summer Jam.

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3. Jonny Martien

Although it may seem like R&B male artists seem scarce, Jonny Martien breathes life back into the genre. He has a smooth, soulful voice that transfers to the energy he leaves you with. Jonny has no shame in the feelings and heart-filled lyrics throughout his music. On his track, Heart Beat he vocalizes what he feels when he's with his lover beautifully. At the end of his Summer Jam set, the crowd would go home with warm hearts.

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4. Moni

He's guaranteed to make you move while he's performing. Energetic, confident, and rowdy, Moni will bring it all to that Summer Jam stage. With his catchy melodies and charismatic lyrics, Moni will keep you entertained. Moni always has sharp dancers behind him and he's not the lazy type, he'll be right there in the middle gettin' down. On Moni's track BITCH!, he's aware of the things people think about him but doesn't care at all. Moni even goes as far as agreeing with some of it. If he's going to be a bitch, he might as well be the baddest one!

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5. Ty Sorrell

As the sun sets at the Summer Jam concert, Ty Sorrell would be the perfect act to hear behind the slight Summer breeze creeping up on you. Whether it's Ty rapping or harmonizing over tranquil beats, his tracks will make you feel relaxed. Ty's track, Ain't Nobody Here ft. Benèt, the pair's voices give you a relaxing Sunday morning vibe. I don't know about you, but that's exactly how I want to feel after a long day of concert activities.

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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