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5 Indie Artists That Need To Be On American Song Contest

On the show, American Song Contest, artists from all 50 states compete to write the best original song along with performing it live. The duo of Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg host the show although the fate of the artists doesn't depend on them. Americans get to decide which artist has the best lyrics. If you want to learn more about the experience of being on the show, Virginia singer Almira Zaky spoke about it in our recent interview. Here are five artists we believe would easily write the best song, and win.

1. AIA

Once you hear those smooth doo-wops, you should know you're listening to AIA. Just look through her discography, view the lyrics and you can see for yourself that every song is written by her. She adds soulfulness and a groove of funk to today's music scene. AIA's song Trouble showcases her vocal and writing skills, still keeping that rhythm and blues sound from the 1950s. When it comes to performing, AIA brings the energy you're looking for in R&B and Jazz music. Poetic lyrics and quality performances are what Americans need to vote for.

"Never second guess yourself, never forget your worth, never let a man see you hurt. He ain't got nothing on you. As long as you stay true. Don't let him make you feel like shit, because baby you're it." - AIA from her song Trouble

Stream AIA here.


In 2017, Kula Voncille came in first place in a music and lyric competition. She also won Richmond's Best Rapper and Lyricist in 2018. Honestly, if she competed in the American Song Contest, in all likelihood, she'd win. Kula is a polished emcee with flows that can't be stopped even if you tried. Her wordplay and lyricism are so refreshing that you might have to run the track back just in case you missed something.

In Kula's song Bonafidein, you can tell she really is the vigilante of Hip-Hop. Creative metaphors and a crisp beat are the base of a Kula Voncille song. Although lyricism and emcees may be tainted today, KULA's precision in her words gives hope.

"I'm pure just like a kilo might sound crazy like I'm CeeLo, but guess what? Hip-Hop needs a bonafied hero." - Bonafidein by Kula Voncille.

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3. Liesl Michelle

You can hear Liesl Michelle's passion while listening to her singles. She has soft and relatable lyrics that make you feel like she understands what you're going through. In her song Fine, she goes back and forth between her feelings. Overall, her main lyric is that she's "fine", which is something people say even when they aren't. Be prepared to have your feelings at the forefront of your mind because Liesl's music will bring them about in the most beautiful way.

"Fake smile so they don't ask why. If you can't tell, it's hard, I try.." - Fine by Liesl Michelle

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4. Sarina

Her honeyed voice projects R&B/Soul harmonies that you can't get enough of. Sarina knows exactly how to express her feelings through her lyrics. In her song My Mother featuring LATENIGHTJIGGY, she talks about finding love and wanting to tell her mom all about it. You can feel Sarina's feelings through her songs. Her creative similies show how much she means what she's singing.

"It's like your lips were made for mine. It's like I knew you my whole life. Never thought I knew what it'd be like." - My Mother by Sarina

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5. Shaolinn

If you want a warmer and softer side to music, Shoalinn is perfect. Her music is a cross between R&B, Hip-Hop, and alternative sounds. Throughout her music, you can hear the strong feelings she experiences and puts back into her craft. In her single Time Flies, Shoalinn questions herself and the things that go through her mind. The lyrics are poetic and easy to follow, pouring out her thoughts in every line.

"I see this is the start of my self destruction. Left you behind and now I'm self destructing."- Shoalinn on Time Flies

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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