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Celebrity Deathmatch was a popular late 90's/early 2000s animated show that had claymation versions of infamous celebrities and well-known musicians who fought each other in a boxing ring. The stars jokingly insult each other while fighting until one star, let's just say "gruesomely K.O.'s". The quirky commentators, Nick and Jonhhy, spectate and talk about the celebrities while they're in the ring. Although the show is canceled, here are some artists that would be bold enough to stand in the ring, show off their personality, and be sturdy with their words while boxing against another artist based on their music and personality.

1. Ceo.wav

The fight would easily open up with Ceo.wav's song Helping Hand from his most current EP, WELP. Ceo.wav reassures us he doesn't need nor want a helping hand from anyone. He's clearly able to handle his opponents on his own. Nick and Johnny would love to watch opponents try but not come close to Ceo.wav's determined attitude, and bold lyrics. Boxing another artist would be too easy for Ceo.wav, being that he thinks of his opponents as already dead before approaching him.

"I think you terrified to come hither." - Ceo.wav

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With an interest in wrestling and boxing already, UNKLE TRAANCE would be a great addition to the contestants. His prior knowledge would set him apart from everyone else. While boxing, his song DICE would be the perfect song for him to warm up to. TRAANCE's comical and down-to-earth personality will make his opponents feel comfortable at first. Soon, Nick, Johnny, and the audience will realize it was just the calm before the storm.

"Couldn't kill me I'm too nice." - UNKLE TRAANCE

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3. Connie Diiamond

With her aggressive approach to rapping that could easily be transferred into the boxing ring, Connie Diiamond would be looked at as a strong contestant to Nick and Johnny. Although the approach may be sturdy, it all sums up her passion for music and puts herself into it. In Connie Diiamond's Bars On I-95 Freestyle, you can clearly hear the force she has. She will use every bit of that force against her opponent to win the Deathmatch.

"Cappin' like you really bout that action, runnin' your jaw, I could make you really change your accent." - Connie Diiamond

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4. Jimmy Th3 Proph3t

An electric presence that shocks you is exactly what Jimmy Th3 Proph3t would bring into the ring. He'd easily gain the crowd's and commentators' attention by making them start a moshpit before he starts boxing his opponents. Go Wild! from his most recent album Jimbo Jackman, is a high-powered song that shows just how gritty Jimmy can get.

"If you ain't gone fistfight, don't say nothin'." - Jimmy Th3 Proph3t