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804 Nano's New Project Proves He's As "Real As They Kome"

804 Nano has been doing numbers and repping Petersburg all while doing it. His catalogue stretches back to 2018 on streaming services, between then and now, he has stacked an impressive output of music that would make Gucci Mane proud, consistently dropping EPs, singles, and albums every year since then. Now we have a reflective project, in his latest album, Real As They Kome. RATK is fiery, full, and flourishing with melodies. The passion put forth in each song is unrivaled. I tend to notice rappers losing potency after several albums, after receiving buzz. 804 Nano doesn't take his foot off the gas, he keeps his energy on 100 from start to finish, there are no half-assed attempts anywhere on this project. Where some artists load the middle of their projects with the best tracks, 804 Nano starts off strong with Redi Rock, which we've even been blessed with a visual for.

804 Nano has to work with NBA Youngboy at some point, the dynamic bravado, speed and singing that they both bring to the game have genre-birthing power. The shifty piano beats and bouncing pace on Hotboy and Bigger sound equally deadly and docile.

By the time you reach Ever Had Freestyle, I noticed a distinct change in theme and subject matter, It Be Like That Sometimes, Fabricated and Thank You all speak to being lied on, double-crossed by women and otherwise betrayed. In Thank You he coldly thanks the people who hurt him, saying "You left me at my weakest, but it made me strong." Ending the album by airing out the fake in his life, only proving even more that Nano is as real as they come.

From the Artist: "This process took countless long nights. Seen too many friends lose their life or serve time behind the wall. So many people hated on me, not knowing I would give them the shirt off my back. Everything I've been through brought me here to this moment. I laid out all my emotions. I've overcome so much since I broke on the scene. I'm here to stay. This is for my city; for my guys that told me to never give up but aren't here to see me win. I will always remain real. Real as they kome."

Stream Real As They Kome on all platforms here.

Follow 804 Nano on all social media @804nano

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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