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AIA- "Leave Me Alone" Single

AIA tells the boys goodbye with her new single titled ‘Leave me Alone”. The Virginia native sings her heart out, in this newly released single, where she discusses her thoughts and feelings behind a man she is no longer interested in. Written herself, AIA stands her ground and tells her man to “leave her alone” and to “stop calling her phone” after what seems like the end of a relationship. This is the perfect song to help anyone going through a hard breakup, or if you just want that one person to get the hint and 'leave you alone' for good.

The track has a distinct upbeat beat, which is a hard contrast to the lyrics she writes where she is clearly over him. However, the beat makes this song that much more relatable because isn't telling that one person who annoys you to fuck off fun?

You know the moment when you finally let go of someone who is not good for you or doesn't appreciate you? This song is that! A breath of fresh air.

This song is now available on all platforms.

Written by: Mikayla Roane, @ _msroane on all social media platforms.

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