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Aia Sings From The Heart On "Intravenous" EP

Aia is a singer from the greater Richmond area and is currently studying music theory at Howard University. Her background in jazz and singing in her youth through grade school talent shows and graduations definitely gives her great experiences that helped towards the release of her debut EP, Intravenous.

Intravenous is a six-track Ep that is the metaphor of how she receives love and heartbreak in a similar metaphor-like how blood is circulated in our bodies. In our circulatory system, the veins push blood back into the heart due to involuntary contractions of our cardiac muscles. In the song Fool, she realizes how she still gives back love regardless of unfortunate circumstances because it has become a second nature towards the "fool" that damaged her trust. With the lack of trust, it can cause pain like how excessive vasoconstriction can raise one's blood pressure when someone is done dirty. Or like Raynaud's Syndrome where ischemia can occur, she can possibly become numb to that person after all the emotional pain she has endured.

The song that follows Fool, which is Note to Self: Interlude, is a metaphor of what happens when vasodilation takes place within the veins. The diameter of the veins expands allowing more blood to flow, allowing the heart to give and receive blood interchangeably. The metaphorical blood I'm referencing is her emotions which allows her to give life towards her person of interest. She reflects on the past pain and focuses on how free she is, saying affirmations of how she wants to feel and be: a strong and liberated woman in tune with her nature. The production also varies from producers like Urban Nerd for the song Run, P Soul for the songs Let Go and Until the Day, C. Medina for Fool, Diego for the Note To Self: Interlude, and Solomon BD for Free!.

The album is a breath of fresh air and definitely something to spin while having an intimate wine night. You can catch the EP on all streaming platforms. Follow her on all social media @aiamermaid .

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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