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Delph is a VA native artist that is no stranger to theMSQshop! Delph has been working on this album for a long time coming, and you may have already read our write up about track three (FEEL THE SAME II) on this project, which dropped as a single and music video earlier last year.

This week I will be reviewing Delph's latest album titled LIVE.LOVE.DELPH which was released last month in late March. The project itself consists of ten tracks and is approximately a 25 minute listen. The album is an eclectic project with a futuristic sound, almost like he's from another universe. There's the typical Delph flow with him just riding the beat and the typical Delph ad-libs that add to the overall flow. The cohesive production, mixing, and mastering really brought the whole thing together and the marketing and music videos were the cherry on top!

Keep reading to hear more about my breakdown and analysis of each song, as well as some words about the project from Delph himself!

Vy: What was the inspiration behind this project?

Delph: I was listening to a lot of HNDRXX from Future, as well as Take Care and Views from Drake. Those albums really showed me that you can make great music by being honest and painting a picture with your lyrics. It's more than just making songs. It's making songs that you can feel something to.

The biggest inspiration for this project was simply my life. This album is personal to me because I get vulnerable on songs and really get to showcase my artistry, even down to the transitions. This is a story of all the ups and downs in my life from the last few years.

"Once people start to live through the music, they'll understand to love it, hence the album's name."

Sonically, I'm trying new sounds and new beats on this project. Just trying to push what I think is cool and showcasing my versatility. Making every beat my own was really a big goal of mine. I want people to go through an experience when listening to this album. You might cry to a song like FEEL THE SAME II, and even turnt songs like LAST COUNT can make you feel like you're on top of the fuckin' world!

As for my own personal review, I'll simply be pressing play and giving my analysis in chronological order based off the track list :)

The first song titled AMERICAN PSYCHO is a great introductory song as it has a simple beat with a crazy beat drop. Delph is confident and talking shit in this one. Bar after bar, he didn't even catch a breath!

The second song (9INETEEN) has a music video attached to it that just dropped a couple weeks ago, serving as the perfect visualizer for this whole album's concept. This song has a super catchy hook, and Delph's flow is so unique in the fact that he's constantly switching it up in every verse. He's really speaking his truth on this song with relatable lyrics that you can bop your head and vibe out to. The beat itself is trippy and great for night time listening, just like in the music video!

"Lean on me baby, I want you, I need it."

I won't talk too much about FEEL THE SAME II since I already have another article out for it, but I will say that that the slower flow coupled with the constant stream of ad-libs easily makes this one of the most addicting songs off the album and title song worthy. I loved the voice message intro that Delph added to the re-release of this song because it demonstrated his ability to story-tell through his music. Another subtle detail I'll include is that I think the mixing of this song really added to the other worldly/trippy aspect of this project. I just love hearing all of the little effects through my headphones!

Vy: If the audience could only listen to one song off the album, which would it be and why?

Delph: That's a hard question. If I had to pick one, I guess I gotta go with 9INETEEN.

If you listen to that then you're gonna want to hear the rest. I just remember hearing that beat for the first time, and the way that the song came together was so different that it made me feel like this shit was really meant for me. I was thinking about a lot at the time and was like "let me just put everything on this beat." I remember using my voice and feeling like Michael Jackson, 'cause that hook was just the first thing to come out and the rest was magic.

The next song titled XO has a life changing outro that will literally transcend you to another time and dimension. The keys are so groovy. As for the song itself, I could tell Delph was having fun on this track. His ad-libs turned a simple song into something that you can get hype to!

4EVER&ALWAYS is when the vibe of the project starts to shift from hype to a bit more serious. The beat itself has a darker vibe with a heavy bass line and use of 808s. The lyrics also start to get a bit personal here as Delph starts talking about his life story, recounting events such as working day and night. All I can say is that this is definitely a song you’d play while speeding down the highway at night!

NOT GOOD ENOUGH (interlude) was a great interlude to this project because it served as a seamless transition between Delph's dark and serious side back to lit. It really goes to show his versatility and different sides as an artist.

Vy: What message did you want to give listeners through this project?

Delph: I wanted to portray a different message to my listeners in each song, and that message varies throughout the album. All you gotta do is really take in those lyrics. My dream is to help people cope through my music and have them remember my songs word for word, almost like it's their therapy.

I also want to show these kids that you don't gotta do whatever's cool right now. You don't gotta follow the masses. Make whatever you wanna make if it means something to you and see it through.

Remember when I said that the vibe of the album started shifting two songs ago? Well the vibe has fully shifted, and these last four songs are hands down my favorite ones!

LAST COUNT has a flow that is unmatched and a hook that is feel good and captivating. The bars in this one will literally make you want to rewind and hear it again. This song is basically saying "Get with it or get lost! Are you with Delph or not? Because he's gonna win regardless." The ad-libs, flow, and bass on this one stuck out to me the most. As the outro of the song says, "Make sure to put your money on me."

"Bitch I’m ready to go let’s get it/Bitch I’m ready to go, let’s go/Bitch don’t ask me to hit my blunt or to match my shit 'cause you smoking on lows.”

Don't stop keep that up! THE MOTION is one of my top two favorite songs from this album (and it's not two)! The intro is perfect with all of the synths and sounds leading to the buildup. The drums at the drop is literally CRAZY and I've been listening to this song over and over again just to hear that one part. The 2nd verse's flow is insane when it starts to pick up in speed. This song feels the most "Delph" to me because he seemed extremely comfortable and confident on this song. I feel like I'm in an edit when I listen to this one, literally moving around in slow motion.

"And I know you wanna be somebody/And I know you not just anybody/But no I ain't ever need nobody.”

DEAD 2 ME is much more mellow beat and flow wise, especially since it samples Dead To Me by Kali Uchis. This song reminds me of OG Delph back in the day with his simple flow and hot lyrics. His flow is reminiscent, and possibly paying homage, to one of his first singles titled All I Know. I also applaud the way this song was mixed. It's super clean cut, and the sample of Kali's vocals added the perfect ambiance.

RUN TO THE SUN is the last song off of LIVE.LOVE.DELPH. It starts off with a more gentle piano intro. Once the beat drop comes in (as it always does), the vibe of the song completely changes! The title of this song is fitting because he's rapping about all of his feelings and how he's going to keep grinding and running to the sun regardless. Delph's flow was very catchy and different from all the other songs on the project.

"And I wish we ain’t fall off cuz I still need you back.”

I love how one of Delph's signature lyrics is “We just having fun” in multiple songs. In my opinion, that one line encompasses Delph's artistry and musicality perfectly.

Vy: One last question, describe the project in one sentence!

"LIVE LOVE DELPH. That's all I gotta say. Start from Track 1 (AMERICAN PSYCHO), and just press play. You gon get it I promise."

The order of the track list made this project even more rich. The transition from hype, to dark, back to hype then mellow was beautiful. He managed to show all of those sides in only 10 songs! I think the outro in the last song fully captured the meaning of this whole project and the idea of Delph: “You are what you are in this world. Either one of two things. Either you’re somebody, or nobody.”

Rather than me wrapping up the rest of this album review, let's hear some closing thoughts about LIVE.LOVE.DELPH from Delph himself!

"This album definitely isn't considered "normal" compared to other projects coming out in my area and in the music scene in general. I just feel like I have my own sound and taste that I'm trying to bring to the game. As long as I don't half ass nothing and really put my heart into it then can't nobody tell me nothing. The feedback that I've been receiving so far has been amazing! I love my supporters. They rock with whatever I do and really respect my vision, and I think that is what's gonna push me to be one of the greatest artists of my time.

I've been really trying to get more in that bag and just giving every song my all no matter the vibe. My goal is to elevate my work and really keep this catalog going. I try to give my all every time I record lately. That's just been my thing, but y'all gonna hear that next."




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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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