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Album Review: “Paid the Cost” by Amere Fresh

Born in Saginaw, Michigan, Amere moved to Richmond, Virginia at the age of 12 years old. If you think he sounds familiar that’s because he is. True to this not new to this, Amere released his debut album “A Beautiful Mind” on iTunes which was such a successful project that it began his journey to success on tour as an opening act for popular recording artists like Juelz Santana, Shawty Lo, and Jim Jones, just to name a few. He’s not just an artist, but he also produces, and the creation of this album will show you the notable evolution of his artistry.

After a two-year break from his last album “Collage,” Amere approaches the scene again dropping “Paid the Cost” on October 12, 2023, doubling the number of songs on this new album with a 39-minute run time. Flexing his financial abundance in I Got It and 24s and personal motivation in Keep Going, this album is more than just paying the cost, and here’s why.

Nothing screams “This album is a banger” more than a good interlude. Fixed Income Intro brings this album to a start with an old-school song in the background and Amere talking to a crowd. Voicing his opinion on his mindset when it comes to finances and dating, the crowd feels humor in his perception. This interlude approach of an old-school jam mixed with conversation creates a cohesive experience for the listener. Becoming intrigued by both the sound and spoken words. I found myself really wanting to know what jam was playing but couldn’t help but focus when I heard “If I get you something for your birthday, most likely you’re not getting sh*t for Christmas.” Money and dating are topics that have always been so relevant yet everyone gets shy to talk about it. Well, Amere tells it straight up how it is leaving no room for confusion.


When the song first started I knew I recognized a familiar flow. A flow of an OG in the rap game, Lil Wayne features on Transformers. Kudos to Amere for sliding on it seamlessly, allowing Wayne to fit his verse comfortably while matching his energy. Being one of the most-favorited tracks in this album, Amere definitely tapped into his inner Wayne. “I spill blood, hands red, hot Cheetos” This song is definitely what you’d hear in an action movie, or better yet in a Transformers movie. I can imagine a scene between Autobot and Decepticon with this song playing in the background, adding intensity to the action of metal robots with guns fighting each other.

Track 9 features Bryson Tiller, starting with a charming beat giving a whimsical keyboard sound that you’re going to vibe to. If you’re a fan of Bryson Tiller you’ll know he’s good for making you think twice about your worth. Amere spits what Bryson sings, resulting in a combination that is slick and feels natural. Don’t let these bars go over your heads. “A leaf from the stars don’t seem that far, women are from Venus and men are from Mars” Personally, I’m a fan of this verse because of the representation of the planets. With this bar holding metaphoric value, Amere was so spot on! “Women are from Venus,” represents feminine energy in women, love, art, and beauty. “Men are from Mars” which symbolizes the action to act assertively, drive, and libido. Sounding about right, the rhythmic chemistry between the melody and bars is there and this song earned a download from me.

From one collab to another, Track 10 comes in with its laid-back beat matched with conscious lyrics. That’s that west coast vibe and you guessed it, it's Snoop Dogg. He represents the West and Amere on the East. Sometimes pulling a feature from someone can be hard because you have to mesh the flows of two different people. Well, these two went to work and delivered a jam that gave a groovy feel. This is the type of song that has the perfect layers underneath. Just enough singing, just enough chill rap, and just enough of another one of your favorite rap OG’s.


Track 14, Praying Outro. When you get to the end of the album, it’s a fulfilling moment. The album feels like an experience. You vibed, you rocked, and you might even laugh when you hear some of the jokes spoken throughout the interludes and skits. From the Fixed Income Intro to the Praying Outro, I get a humbling vibe that shows his growth in mindset by the end. “You not supposed to ask God for that, You supposed to ask him for the strength to get through whatever you’re dealing with. So, I changed my prayer up.” Too real. I respect when an artist gets deep and personal about real life because it's not everyday flex flex flex.

With that being said, this album was appreciated, presenting a wide range of melodies, beats, and intrinsic bars. If you have 39 minutes out of your day, stream “Paid the Cost,” musical proof that creative collaboration exemplifies that when in sync, different artists can still exude their individual artistry.

STREAM "Paid The Cost" Here



Written by Giovanna Natty, HerGiftedGab

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