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Ant the Symbol's Latest Project "Ant Hasn't Heard Of You Either" is Nothing to Scoff at

Quoted to be "a musical collection shorter than an album but longer than an EP", Vintage Youth Music and Gritty City Records presents ANT HASN'T HEARD OF YOU EITHER from producer Ant the Symbol, featuring several artists such as: Black Liq, Fan Ran, Rah Scrilla, Ndefru, Johnny Ciggs, P.T., Noah-O, Eliturite, Rep!, Starr Nyce, Illa Styles, and Tennishu.

How Ant the Symbol put this ensemble of artists together we’ll never know, but it’s certainly a list of heavy hitters as far as the Virginia local game goes. Each song is distinctly different from the next, so listeners should come out of it with more than a few additions to their playlists.

ANT HASN'T HEARD OF YOU EITHER is now available on bandcamp and all streaming services. (Apple, Spotify and Distrokid)

Make sure to follow and check out Ant’s Instagram to follow the featured artists that you especially vibe with on their page @antthesymbol

Written by Arianna Rackham @ariannarackham on all socials


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