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ArJaySoul Returns With A Question, "What Are The Odds"

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Arizona artist ArJaySoul has no shortage of R&B hits. Just peep his singles Put This Down and Silhouette that are doing numbers, as well as some of his album cuts Luv and Numb Rant. A glimpse at his sound is enough to show any casual listener that ArJay has great appeal and musical potential. His latest single, What Are The Odds continues this trend, the song is a forlorn dedication to working hard and betting on yourself, especially when the odds are against you. With a trippy beat that almost sounds like it was running backwards, dreamlike synths, DJ Mustard-like percussion, and crystal clear sing-rapping that tugs on relatable issues.

"I stack my dough, my chips, nobody ever sound like this, man I'm too humble tryna pop my shit,"

This is the life of a rising musician. Placing bets on yourself, sacrificing all and receiving little at times, hard work going unnoticed, gambling in the hopes of receiving acclaim one glorious day. ArJaySoul is well on his way there, and What Are The Odds is an anthem to everyone who believes in themselves and will one day elevate to where they dream of being.

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Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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