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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Born and raised in Highland Springs, VA, SavageX2 definitely doesn't let us forget where he's from throughout his music. From the church choir to the school choirs to playing the trombone to even trying his hand at producing, music has always been a part of his life.

His stage name started off as his Gamertag on Xbox live. Trying to come up with something simple, cool, and different, SavageX2 was the outcome.

Savage sounded clean yet menacing. The "X2" was just added for flair. - SavageX2

SavageX2 is influenced by all different kinds of music. Primarily Michael Jackson, Pharrell, and Rage Against The Machine. You can hear the different inflections and harmonies in SavageX2's music, which his favorites partake in too.

Having experienced different types of music, I have an appreciation for all of them. - SavageX2

Apparently, the beat for the song Broad Street Blues (featuring: Clef Majorz, BOOGIE, and Fastlanelambo) was given to another artist for their own project. SavageX2 ended up sitting on the beat for a while and it eventually grew on him. Even though he gave the beat away, he had to get it back.

I had to go back to the artist and say "I know I gave you this beat, but I've gotta take it back because I've got something on my heart telling me to write to it." - SavageX2

After that, Broad Street Blues was born. Throughout this song, you can hear the perseverance every artist on the track exudes. You can catch vibes in every area of Richmond while listening to it.

For SavageX2, creating a song starts with a blank slate and an open mind 90% of the time. He usually searches for things that are appealing to his ear. It could be a certain sound, feeling, a sample, something that's good to build around. Something that sparks an idea in his head.

That other 10% I may be inspired by some song to be sampled or a certain feeling that it invokes, but mostly I just start from nothing and build off what I hear. - SavageX2

SavageX2 believes that music is flexible and no one is limited to just making one style. Just remain true to yourself and everything else will follow. He takes his influences from wherever which leads to a combination of sounds that mesh well and make a great record. In SavageX2's song, Nothing Left To Say, you can hear him harmonizing over a beat with different elements incorporated. From the little voice in the background to the saxophone being lightly played.

This is your time to express the feelings the way you experience them and for sure there is somebody out there that can appreciate your vision. - SavageX2

As of right now, SavageX2 has a debut double EP out, The Brightest Day and The Darkest Night. He did mention that there will be a video released soon for the song Black Magic. The song has guitar and hip-hop elements that flow together well. With these elements, it would be interesting to see how the video turns out! We look forward to hearing more music and seeing visuals from SavageX2.

My goal as an artist is to just be integrated and become a pillar of the local scene. I want to be able to try and share the feelings I get from my music with others. - SavageX2

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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