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Ashlee White Radiates On Debut Project "Chameleon"

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

The singer Ashlee White followed up her visual for the single Silk and Chardonnay with her debut album, Chameleon. The album is themed around a late-night radio station where calls to the station would take place for the interludes. Ashlee's sound can be described as a mixture of disco-sounding instrumentation with slick vocals and couple that with lyrics covering intimacy balancing love and lust in a wholesome way.

After the intro track which is the radio DJ talking about the station, Chameleon covers how Ashlee knows the hidden feelings of her lover. How the lover is tired of running games and acting like everything is okay. The chorus goes "Baby, trust your intuition, you ain't got to play chameleon, you know what you want..." It's a beautifully detailed song as Ashlee reads her lover and makes the person feels seen and heard regardless of how invisible that person feels. It is followed by Temptations Tongue where she acknowledges how the lover is hot and cold. Yet, the lover runs back to Ashlee because of how she captures the lover's attention with such ease, playing onto how she knows what the lover wants in the previous song. When you listen more to the album, it plays onto different topics that come with a relationship or a fling with random late night calls to being spiritually in tune with someone to how sweet the significant other can truly be and balancing emotions of stress and uncertainties in that same realm.

I truly loved the album. The concept of the callers describing their relationship issues and how great things are going followed by Ashlee's emotional experiences in the songs is structured VERY well. Chameleon closes out with the remix of the song Gelato featuring Richmond's own Peter $un. The only other feature on Chameleon is Kiing David which supplements Heart of Gold with wonderful vocals. I'll say that SO FAR THIS YEAR, it's one of the best albums I've heard so far. With songs like Heart of Gold, 3 A.M., and Chameleon, it's such a smooth project to listen to from start to finish. And probably run it back. And send some of the songs to a lover to let you know how you're feeling about them. The album is available on all streaming platforms and you can watch the visuals for Silk and Chardonnay and Gelato below to get a preview of how the album sounds.

You can stream her album on Spotify and follow her on social media @thecureeee .

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.


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