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Aye Sincere Pays Homage In New Single, "Selena"

Aye Sincere has established a brand of excellence, combining soulful elements with pop star presentation for a product that fans from all walks of life can enjoy. As the new season approaches, the San Bernardino-based artist only adds to his proven track record with his brand new single, Selena.

Aye Sincere wastes no time immersing the listener in melody as soon as the needle drops. This instant banger introduces subtle interpolations of some of Selena's classics for a nostalgic touch over modern production. The way Sincere wraps a myriad of quotables around an undeniable chorus makes the record a vibe that your autumn playlist is simply complete without.

Preorder Aye Sincere's Selena on all platforms as it drops on October 7th,

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Written by Geronimo (Instagram/Twitter)

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