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Ayotemi and Foolie $urfin Link for Trippy "New Jam"

New Jam is the newest single from soulful emcee Ayotemi and multitalented singer/producer Foolie $urfin, the first coming to us from Laurel, Maryland. and the latter from Oceanside, California. New Jam uses a distorted guitar sample that would fit somewhere in the acid-soaked haze of 1960s psychedelic rock, and sets the tone for the song's overall ethereal energy. A gentle flute accents the song as well, giving the listener a feeling of ascension. Ayotemi's vocals on the song fly off the tongue effortlessly, floating over the beat without any drag, as he says in the song: "I float away and I'm ghost like I'm Danny."

Considering the praise and attention both artists have received recently, Ayotemi having performed live with Chronixx, and Foolie $urfin's production winning a Kenny Beats beat battle (as well as his admiration), New Jam is definitely no flash in the pan, it is one step in a meteoric rise for both talents. Catch it before everyone else.

Stream New Jam on all platforms here. Follow Ayotemi on all socials: @Ayotemimusic and find music, merch and more here.

Follow Foolie $urfin on all socials: @fooliesurfin

Written by: Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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