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B00sted "Broke My Heart" With Newest Single!

B00sted is a twenty-year-old indie rapper, producer, as well as a singer-songwriter. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, he grew up listening to artists like Logic, J. Cole, Drake. B00sted has taken heavy influence from those artists and has crafted his own sound that ranges from rapid-fire flows to strong melodies. The versatility of B00sted is precisely what makes him unique!

On his newest single Broke My Heart, B00sted goes for a dreamy guitar loop with some 808s for his beat. This song is about reflecting on a past break up that you were never really ready to let go of. The lyrics convey the message of the song perfectly. All I can say is that everyone needs to go listen to it for themselves!

"Got me feeling like a criminal, everything you say so subliminal" -B00sted

B00sted is soon set to release his new & refreshing blend of Indie-Pop/Hip-Hop inspired tracks within his new project "Hometown". He is excited to show off a different side of his musical talents, so stay tuned for more from him!

Follow B00sted On Instagram: @b00stedmusic


Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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