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B00sted Kicks Off 2023 With His New Single "Lose Anything"

B00sted returns this year with his newest single "Lose Anything". The artist returns with another signature song that features his catchy vocals which reflects the emotion he puts into his craft.

On the release, B00sted shares: "'Lose Anything' is a song about some of the feelings you may face after a breakup. Breakups suck; you can find yourself unable to process all of your emotions at once. In this song, I talk about the feeling of being lost & how tough it can get. In the hook I say, "I feel like I'm running but I'm running in silence", I'm trying to say I've been doing a lot for this certain person but I'm not receiving the same back. I bring these feelings into a Hip Hop/Pop & R&B kinda vibe"

Starting out with a DIY mind set, leading to over three million views on YouTube alone, B00sted has garnered over 7 million catalog streams. Having recently signed to 604 Records, B00sted is proving to be leading the pack in the next generation of artists to watch. Even from a young age, Keegan Jaeckel felt a deep connection to music — he just didn’t know where it may take him. Now, going by the pseudonym B00sted, the 21-year-old pop/rap artist is making waves across the industry thanks to some creative thinking and a little help from a devoted YouTube following.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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