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Bakari Kennedy Drops A 2 Pack Single For Fans Titled "Catalina"!

Bakari Kennedy is an indie artist who describes himself as "a rising artist who wants to inspire the audience to find themselves through their own self reflection." He believes that "Through his lyrics you see self." Bakari just dropped a 2 pack single for fans titled Catalina! The 2 pack consists of tracks titled Veggie Talez and Face First. It's out now on all streaming platforms!

Veggie Talez actually has a slowed/reverb lyric video that you can check out below! The song was actually much different from what I anticipated from the title. The track itself is very mellow, chill, and heartfelt. I definitely understood the appeal of having a slowed/reverb version of it, and it definitely hits when you're in your feels. (Marvins Room vibes anyone?)

Face First is still just as heartfelt as Veggie Talez, but the beat is more groovy and laidback. Bakari does a good job of delivering his story through his music. I felt like I was able to envision everything that he was rapping about!

"I paint a story to Van Gogh to Paris. Lyrics with the flow so if Eiffel, no panic."

The thing that I loved the most was the lyrical genius behind the bars! Bakari pays homage to Drake using a champagne poetry line, the Paris to Eiffel Tower line, etc. Overall, this was an amazing project so be sure to check it out!

Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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