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Bakarii's Top 5 Verzuz Moments

While the landscape of Verzuz has significantly evolved since its genesis, there was something about the past event that seemed a bit precipitous, unordinary. With two culturally iconic groups: Onyx and Cypress Hill (A match-up of unconventional taste) going head-to-head, many were left wondering, “when was this even planned?”. Yet, in the events of COVID-19 causing a widespread pandemic, we have Verzuz to thank for its memorable innovative moments.

Like most things that happen to journey through the music industry - it started off very organic; Swizz Beatz and Timbaland battling out their beats on live stream, engaging with millions of viewers. After a partnership with TrillerNet, the showings became more boisterous - moving from homely live streams to the stages of Magic City. So, in reflection of all the milestones passed by the Virginia icon and New York City legend, here are Bakarii’s top five Verzuz moments:

1.Ne-Yo vs. Johntá Austin

The rules of the Instagram phenomena are simple: artists battle each other by playing their songs back to back and having fans vote on who won the round with their hit. Ne-Yo, and Austin are two pens that the average fan wouldn’t even credit their favorite hit to. That’s what makes this specific battle so significant. It’s a music lover’s dream and a voter’s nightmare as the two show their penmanship talents with various anthems we all adore.

2. Raekwon The Chef vs. Ghostface Killah