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Bandup Gotti drops "East Lewis" Short Film

Bandup Gotti's debut Short Film was released on October 11th, which

accompanies the launch of his latest project, "East Lewis" This visually

captivating short film mirrors the sonic experience of his music. The storyline

unfolds as we see Gotti enjoying a night at the club with his close friends, only

to be followed by the events of "Trust Issues" where one of his companions

from the club presents him with an opportunity to profit from a rigged sporting

event overseas.

Following these plot points, the viewer is treated to the first performance in the

film, featuring Gotti rapping his standout track, "Lil Ballin.” The camera then

shifts to a solo shot of Gotti receiving a call by the waterfront from the friend

involved in the rigged sporting event, confirming its success.

The emotional resonance of "Momma Gotti" is felt as we witness Gotti sitting in

his car, listening to a heartfelt voicemail from his mother, reminiscing about their

earlier years together. This voicemail beautifully sets the stage for the next

scene, where Gotti engages in a therapy session, performing his introspective

record, "Loon Lane" which references the home mentioned by his mother.

Overall, Bandup Gotti's short film is a compelling visual representation of his

music, weaving together a captivating narrative and performances that resonate

with the viewer's emotions.

"East Lewis is a true story! Although I've released music and visuals prior to East Lewis, I consider this the most direct visual and sonic introduction to my world. It captures that raw, uncut vibe, presenting both the good and the bad. While I view every release as a stepping stone for what's to come, this one holds particular significance, and in 2024, you can expect things to be taken to the next level."

Written by OG ILLA

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