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Bastian The Lesser Drops Freestyle Covers Of Madlib, Frank Ocean In "Sunnydaze"

Richmond emcee Bastian the Lesser has released a new single, Sunnydaze, featuring two songs. Both are freestyles, one is over What A Day by Madlib and the other is White by Frank Ocean, the freestyles are named Daze and Lakeview respectively. The tracks are an effortless display of lyrical skill by Bastian, and definitely should be featured in a playlist of his essential works. Taking two very high-profile beats and making them his own is no easy task, but it is a perfect way to present your ability to new audiences and really let people know what you are capable of. It is a great homage to Madlib and Frank's production as well. Diego Grit's verse on Daze shows a definite camaraderie between the two artists, as the verses match perfectly in flow, tone, and subject matter. The single is available to stream on SoundCloud, so definitely check it out in the link below.

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Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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