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Battle Wounds: Ain't Nobody Scared & What You Should Know

With August 12th right around the corner, it’s time to start looking into Southpaw Battle Coalition’s next card: Ain’t Nobody Scared. Containing a title defense, the return of familiar faces, and the possibility of a few grudge matches, fans should prepare for classic after classic. Let’s get into it!

Big Jinya V Habeeb:

After Habeeb’s last stand-out performance against Bravo on the Run My Fade card, there was an opening angle about him being done with the league that may have left some fans in a fret. Clearly - he’s back like ‘95 Mike; but, does he have enough to take out the defending champ? Big Jinya is gracing the stage after his classic title match against J. Morr at the Broadberry (Road to Supremacy Card); the Oxymoron Orator won fans over with punches such as, “Left his top for the paper like the printer jam”. This will be his first title defense, will Habeeb make it the last?

Jordan Bailey V Will Jung:

The last time we saw Will Jung was more than half a year ago in the Road to Supremacy tournament, therefore, the anticipation is high! Known for consistent lyricism, a meticulous approach to schemes, and his signature “Youuuuuuuu '', the 757 great won’t disappoint or be an easy feat. His opponent, Jordan Bailey, is no slouch himself either. While his last outing was a loss against Ro$$etti in the aforementioned tournament, his resume speaks for itself, as well as his pen. This is arguably the most similar battle stylistically on the card with both battlers being more on the conscious side of attacking opponents.

Rel Lyfe V Diante Ls:

Rel was introduced to us through RVA Rap Elite’s monthly competitions until he debuted against Robalu back in February. He’s slowly, but surely becoming a more prominent opponent in the Southpaw field as well, continuing the matriculation of rappers from the school of ciphers to the university of battling! His last showing against Era Hardaway proved he’s here to stay, including one of his smoothest bars “I got my stripes and I’m solid - you get no wins in this pool hall!”. Seeing his progress is a treat for the audience and a clear sign of someone illuminating before our eyes. Diante Ls is a face we’re still getting used to, his first appearance against newbie Tson showed high energy, solid scheming, and potential. The outcome of this battle is debatable with Rel Lyfe being the more seasoned opponent and more polished in his craft. Seeing Ls challenged like this for the first time will give us a clue as to what we should be looking forward to in the league.

Nate Gibbz V Tson:

This battle is both a heavy style clash, as well as a significant stepping stone for both battlers. With Tson's first battle against Diante Ls he showed much promise, but there were also moments where polishing was needed. His crowd engagement is top tier for how early he is in his career, but he will have to be weary of some of the outside factors that contribute to a battle's momentum. With this being another heavy difference in style due to Nate Gibbz being more aggressive in punches and schemes, physically bigger than Tson (so he seems more imposing), and more seasoned - it'll be an uphill battle, but I have faith he'll only rise to the challenge. On Gibbz end, this marks a return after being away from the Richmond scene collaborating with leagues such as L.O.C. (league of champions). The conviction behind his bars due to his voice and size will work in his favor, but being away for so long, there's no telling what we might get from him - his style could be completely different.

The Darkroom at the HOF Garden is the place to be Friday, August 12th! On a night full of classic matchups and potential openings for new title holders, what more do we really need to say? Don't be scared, purchase those tickets ASAP.

Written by: Bakarii Kennedy

via @Therealbakari_ on Instagram / @BakariiKennedy on Twitter

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