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Battle Wounds: Bakari's Three Dream Matches

Countless talents have graced the Southpaw Battle Coalition stage. From current champion Habeeb to the Richmond legend Radio B, classic after classic has kept the fans invested and coming back for more. Yet, while the league has ceased to fail in providing complete satisfaction in each card, there are still some battles that I, as well as the fans, are anticipating. Here to throw out hypotheticals and potential considerations (wink, wink), these are my three dream matches:

Henny L.O. vs Will Jung

If you’re familiar with either name, you know this battle will be an exceptional showcase of how to scheme efficiently and punch even more effectively. Both styles offer a heightened level of entertainment while still maintaining a level of lyricism that forces fans to not miss a beat. Since it’s been a while since he’s graced the stage, you can catch up on Henny battles that are still available on the Southpaw page (I recommend: vs Habeeb, vs J Morr, and vs Drugz) to familiarize yourself. With Will showing no signs of slowing down during his return against Jordan Bailey (Ain’t Nobody Scared Card), having classics against the current and former champions (Habeeb and Big Jinya), and showcasing consistency in performance, this dream match shows no signs of disappointment.

Diante Ls vs Ro$$etti

This has the potential to be a slight grudge match! With Diante Ls rising through the ranks, he recently took to Instagram to allude to Ro$$etti being protected by the league in regards to taking a battle against himself. Ro$$etti responded to the aforementioned statement as false. Some believe that Diante still has more of the ladder to climb before he deserves a matchup against an experienced opponent such as Ro$$, but as we all know, any given Sunday provides any given outcome. Is this a battle the fans are already anticipating?

King Fizzle vs Breeze The Poet

Both of these vets showed up and showed out during the Road to Supremacy card of 2021! With meticulous ways they attack going about punching, scheming, and angling, it’s a battle that will leave fans nearly overwhelmed from the conscious bars being thrown left and right. Fizzle’s best performance would be against Richmond city legend J. Morr, proving that he is, in fact, capable of running with the big dogs. Breeze has been relevant since the beginning of the Richmond battle rap scene, going up against powerhouses such as the likes of Moon, current champion Habeeb, and former champion Big Jinya!

You can find these battlers on Instagram:

Will Jung: @willjungmusic

Henny L.O.: @hennyldot

Diante Ls: @Idgdiante_

Ro$$etti: @d_ross_the_boss

King Fizzle: @kingfizzle

Breeze The Poen @brzthepoet

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