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Beau Young Prince's New Song + Video Teaches You How to "Chop"

DC's 'Groovy God' himself, Beau Young Prince has been rising quick, a shooting star that you'd miss if you blinked. BYP has made records in film, with his song Let Go on the Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse soundtrack earning a Grammy nomination and a 2x platinum status. In addition to that he's made songs for The CW series All American, the movie The Hate U Give, Amazon Prime's Coming 2 America, and the movie Yes Day.

Beau Young Prince's latest outing is a track dedicated to his hometown & culture, Chop. For those outside the sphere, chopping is a style of dance that came from DC's thriving Go-Go music scene, also called "beating ya feet." Beau Young Prince has even directly named some of the biggest names in Go-Go as influences for his work, Chuck Brown, Rare Essence, TOB, and New Impressions, among others.

The song itself is a DC dance anthem, the tempo, percussion, and lyrics all building the perfect foundation for people to chop on.

The music video blends many different visual styles, first with a grainy, 70s style Kung Fu movie look, a la Enter the Dragon, Beau rocks a 'fro and kicks like Bruce Lee. The style then switches from an infomercial, to a neon-colored night in DC, to a black & white view of a high-rise apartment. All while BYP & company chop the whole way through. For a dance music video, there is a ton of conceptual work and creativity done, and a deep reverence for the hometown culture that is respected with the whole visual project.

Notable Lines:

"Movin' left, movin' right, ooh she bounce like trampoline/Take it back to the city, baby, issa Go-Go thing."

"In the back, how I enter, first I pull up then I park/With the squad, we some winners, beat my feet, oh yes I chop."

Stream Chop on all platforms and watch the video above.

Follow Beau Young Prince to stay up to date on his latest releases.

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all socials.

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