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Big No Gives You Every Reason To "Thank Da Plug"

Trap music has been going through a lull phase in the last few years. The days of being motivated by gangsta music on your way to do everyday life has died down some and that makes me sad. I can't even remember the last time I got excited to move imaginary bricks in my head. Big No is keeping this alive and well with his latest project "Thank Da Plug".

One of the special things about the album is the intricate details like the Omar (from The Wire) skits tied into the album that gives it another tie to the streets. Throughout the album, Big No drops gems and wisdom for the young ones in the street currently. As a Northside Vet, we see lots of stories of reflection and nostalgia.

The album hits heavy with the Intro and really sets high expectations for the album. He immediately follows up with Respirator which has a raw vibe that makes you feel like you ready to fight. My favorite track on the project is Big Man - it's BIG, no pun intended. The track has radio written all over it and I wouldn't be surprised if it trends on TikTok immediately. He really hit on all cylinders on the album, songs like Relentless Ambition and Peace have him speaking from his heart; while tracks like Errybody Gangsta have No switching flows making it another huge hit.

Overall, super impressed with this project. Listen out to the Keyshia Cole sample. It goes crazy. Most songs will be added to rotation. I also have faith in Trap Music once again. And with that, Thank da Plug.

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Written by OG ILLA

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