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Producer and Dancer BIGWAV3 Releases An EP of Litefeet Beats Called "WAV3 SET RADIO!"

New York native and Connecticut resident Anthony C. Wyche III, known to the producers as BIGWAV3 and the dancers as Soundwav3, releases his latest project called WAV3 SET RADIO! on SoundCloud. The tape consists of 6 Litefeet beats: 2 are sampled, 2 are Litefeet mixes and the last 2 are original beats. The tape definitely gives listeners a feel as if they're actually tuned into a radio station with multiple drops from various NYC Litefeet dancers.

BIGWAV3 speaks to the inspiration behind the tape:

"Initially before the idea of a tape, I made money talks 1. I liked the way I blended newer music sampled as Litefeet beats. After making a few more in this similar style I realized that some of these tracks resembled the Jet Set Radio soundtrack. I was always a huge fan of the game way before I even started making beats. I was super obsessed with the soundtrack of Jet Set Radio I even bought it on my iPod Nano at the time."

From there BIGWAV3 decided to challenge himself. "If I was to make a soundtrack of this game what would it sound like?" It was at that moment that BIGWAV3 knew he was on to something. "I didn't want to sample the game, but make music that would fit with the theme of the game."

The entire tape consists of a calm cadence that can allow for these beats to not only be danced to, but also for workouts and background music. Going through the tracklist:

Track 1: Money Talks 2 (Puddah Mix) samples New York artist Puddah's two popular songs Luv My Block and Money Talk. Track 2: Late Night Lite (Air Gear Remix) features an excerpt of the outro to the Shonen Jump anime Lost It. Track 4: Terminal 5 is an original Liteeet beat featuring an excerpt of Hideki Naganuma in a Jet Set Radio documentary as the intro. Track 5: BODY BAG is another original Litefeet beat with shout-outs from many friends and family of Wav3 including dancer Rich Dollaz as the "Voice of The Liberals". Track 6: Money Talk (Playboi Carti) is a Litefeet mix on a Racki Diorr's version of Playboi Carti's unreleased song Talk To Me and is the song that inspired the sound for the Wav3 Set Radio project.

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Written by: Tee TheCreative. @teethecreativee on all social media.

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