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Blacc9inee Is Only Focused On How He "Get Money"

Originally from Hamlet, North Carolina, Blacc9inee is trying to find a way out through music. At a young age, he used to play around with music and was part of the Hoke County High School Band during his freshman year. Last year, he got in touch with 147Calboy, Derez Deshon, and a couple more artists and labels because of his unique sound. After Calboy dropped his first official single, Cold As Ice, his streams went up to about 65-70k total. That was a major breakthrough for him as an artist just starting out. This year he got in contact with Kash Doll, Dc Young Fly, DJ Vip (Nipsey's DJ), and a couple more known music and media celebrities. Follow him on Twitter @Blacc9inee

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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