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Blackliq x Mopes new project "Time Is The Price" is an Essential Listen

My response to BlackLiq’s x Mopes new release of Time Is The Price is, “you can simply take all of mine.” Listeners of Tyler the Creator may get all the way down with BlackLiq’s flow with the project featuring many quick quips and an eccentric rough tone but remains different with a more mature energy as opposed to the youthful buzz Tyler is known for.

Now and then we can all benefit from a little bit of honesty and luckily Liq only brought that to the table this time around. The album talks about battles with mental health, the fight for self-preservation and the importance of individuality amongst a crowd. Despite how cookie cutter that may seem in today’s woke age of music, if anything the message means more with his solid delivery and his episodic storytelling over a beat, making something age-old seem completely brand new by riddling it with his own stark perspective.

Overall, there’s no doubt that he excels himself at being an individual as the artist chants, “if I say it once you’ll be listening twice,” In the lead-off track Endtro (which was ironically recorded last according to the artist hence End-tro). Seems true enough to me though since the project only plays out to be eighteen minutes long and begs for another listen very soon after it’s through. But just like my favorite song Take Your Time promotes; I suggest the same as you listen to these hauntingly inspired tracks, because you’d just be wasting your time otherwise.

After watching Liq's official video for Endtro you'll want to find the rest on streaming platforms like... Distro Kid, Spotify and Apple Music.

Make sure to follow the artist for more daily inspiring messages on social media with all socials (instagram, Twitter and Facebook) being @BlackLiq.

Written by Arianna Rackham, @ariannarackham.

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