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Blake G Bends Genres On "Where"

The year 2020 was a bag of mixed emotions from which no race, class, or age group was exempt. Beneath the surface-level wars fought globally, politically, and personally was a looming hunger for meaning. It was this very search for direction that brought together a band and a project unlike anything to come out of Virginia. Hence, The Where EP was born.

Spearheaded by DIY aficionado and Virginia representative, Blake G, the 5-track project is a blend of live instrumentation over trippy beats and masterful lyricism laced with chills-inducing vocals. Sounding like the entrance music to a boxing match, the newly released title track, Where, serves as a fast-acting cure for the year-long cabin fever that has gripped so much of the world. If this anthem for underdogs is a sign for what's to come, the Where EP is sure to be a medley of genre-bending slaps.

Fans wishing to stream the single and pre-order the project, which will be released on Friday, June 25, 2021, can do so via the link below.

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Written by Geronimo // @ScreamGeronimo (IG) / @ScreamGeronimoo (Twitter)

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