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Brenasia Gray: The Opposite Of "GOING, GOING, GONE"

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Brenasia Gray is an up and coming alternative r&b artist from the 757! Originally from Norfolk, VA, she currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA. On top of that, she's only eighteen! She originally released her debut EP a couple of years ago, but she has been honing her skills ever since then. Brenasia decided to rebrand herself with her new single, GOING, GOING, GONE, from her debut album, Side Effects Include.

In GOING, GOING, GONE, Brenasia writes about losing feelings for a past lover who wronged her. With a chill r&b beat and a soulful voice, she sings about how "feelings wash away" and how her initial love for this person is "going, going, gone."

Being a teenager in her prime, Brenasia writes about relatable situations and feelings that come with getting older. Some topics highlighted in her debut album include heartbreak, growing up, finding yourself, etc. Contrary to her title song, Brenasia is far from "GOING, GOING GONE." She's on the come up, so be on the lookout for more music from her in the future!

FIND BRENASIA ON IG: @astinthekidd

Stream "GOING, GOING, GONE," as well as Side Effects Include here:

Written by: Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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