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Bryson Knoel No Longer in a "Bitter" Place Artistically

"Bitter" by Bryson Knoel chronicles the thoughts and feelings of a scorned lover. Knoel sings about reaching the point of no return after having a relationship fall apart.

About the song, Knoel says, "Interestingly enough, the song isn't even about me. I wrote the song about the romantic relationship of someone else who is very close to me. There was always this back & forth and up & down with this relationship they were in. It got to the point where I felt like I was the one in this relationship and I honestly wanted to confront their significant other myself. It was an interesting writing experience to say the least. Sometimes we can really live vicariously through those closest to us and adopt their feelings. This song is like ripping the band aid off and saying 'screw it, I'm done with the B.S.'"

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