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Bucky Malone Is Confident On Latest Single "Hard"

Bucky Malone just dropped some new heat titled Hard! From an artistic standpoint, the cover art is sleek and stylish. Definitely hard. What I love about Bucky Malone is that he is not only a musician but an artist. He displays his art through music as well as fashion, and they cohesively compliment each other.

The track itself was released on March 18th, so don't feel left out if you haven't heard it yet! The beat was produced by CHANEY, and the cover art was created by @trapdnmymind703 and @revenights. The song itself was eclectic: the beat and lyrics drew from many different styles. Based on the song title alone, I initially thought this song would be super intense. On the contrary, the beat was actually quite nostalgic and catchy with a repetitive guitar loop and flute backings. Bucky Malone did not disappoint with the lyrics though, and he was spitting bars and showing off like it was nothing!

"Might do the Christian Dior. Rockin that Louis for sure, Fendi go hard on my drawers, no I can't do Michael Kors."

Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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