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Cam Archer And Jay Kasai Live It Up In "20909" Video

Two of the "BarGawds" from San Bernandino Jay Kasai and Cam Archer released a vibrant visual for their song 20909. The visual features the two emcees having a wonderful time playing vintage arcade games like Tekken and NBA Jam to compliment the electric OhGoshLeotus production. 20909 is a single from their collaborative Midnight Run Album. 20909 plays to the theme of a radio show called Midnight Run Radio as a nod to Cam and Jay's old podcast. It sounds like the perfect song to cruise on the freeway as you're riding to downtown Redlands in California to have a drinking night with friends. The song is very radio-friendly in its upbeat nature and it's complemented by the usage of bright neon lights in the animations, the arcade shoots, and around the cars at the outdoor parts of the video.

You'll catch cameos from OhGosh and singer from the Fox television game show I Can See Your Voice Christine Ariya singing "time is slowing down" vocals during the breakdown. The video was shot at Riverside Game Lab out in Riverside, California, and was directed by Marc Galang and shot with Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k Pro. They can be found on all social media @camarcher @jaykasai @chirstineariya @ohgoshleotus @onimar

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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