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Cam'Ron & A-Trak's "All I Really Wanted" Is The First Single For Their Upcoming EP, "U Wasn't There"

Harlem legend, Cam’Ron, and Canadian super Producer/DJ, A-Trak inked on a fresh new single, All I Really Wanted. The drop provides a taste of what their collaborative EP, U Wasn't There has in store for us later this month and there's plenty to be excited about.

Lyrically, Cam'Ron gets reflective and descriptive in "All I Really Wanted," giving the play-by-play on how he rose from bleak beginnings in Harlem, to getting buckets as a high school basketball phenom, to playing the street game, and eventually finding his way to mainstream success in Hip-Hop. On Cam'Ron's last solo album, 2019's "Purple Haze 2" we were introduced to a story-telling historian side of the infamous flexer. He continues to add to that new legacy on this release giving another New York Hip-Hop history lesson with name drops of characters like Bloodshed, Big L, and more-- but don't get it twisted-- he still knows how to talk slick about what he's currently up to. "...Nothing you can do with me. Bad bitches move with me. Usually two with me. And they love nudity. Stupid, this nothing new to me. Only thing they ask if I can pay their Uber fee. Truthfully, like my shoestrings, they get loose for me. Let em' take pictures on the Gram in my jewelry..."

This A-Trak, Beautiful Lou, and G Koop-produced track feature a sped-up vocal sample like dozens of other Dipset classics. Cam'Ron pretty much-invented call-and-response bars with vocal samples treating the sample like a collaborator rather than just embedded background noise. He's still right at home with this patented move. As the sample wails, “All I really wanted…”, Cam replies back, “money, cars, clothes, hood respect...” A-Trak also resorts to one of his strengths as well with a dope scratching sequence to close the record out.

If you’re a longtime Killa Cam fan this will fit right alongside your old favorites, but if you're not too knowledgeable on Cam’ron, this is a captivating introduction to the emcee’s story of overcoming the odds and becoming an international superstar. All I Really Wanted embodies a distinct, classic period in East Coast Hip-Hop without sounding dated. That is my hope and expectation for the rest of the album. U Wasn't There" is slated for release on September 23rd.

Stream the song HERE.

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Written by: Zach Kirby (@itskirbs804)

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