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Cane’s New Album H20 reminds us all to Be Like Water

Renowned VA Rap artist, Cane, dropped an album for our mental health called, H20. Produced by Louburna, this album is a direct reflection of a dynamic duo creating together at the top of their game. Each track is made in reference to the H20 concept, with singles titled, “Splash Zone” “Water Shoes” and “DRIP

If you’ve been in need of therapy but can not afford the bill or simply pressed for time, I advise you listen to this album instead. 32 minutes and 53 seconds of sound therapy; I was delightfully taken by Cane’s wordplay, repeated barrage of bars stacked on top of one another, and his cadence slips right into the pocket where the beat is never missed. With a breath of old school air, fresh like cold water on my face in the morning, Lou Burna does a masterful job taking us on a mellowed-out journey with kick, snare, and melodies. Put this on, whether you stream it or rock the compact disc, and let it play from beginning to end.

Cane’s lyrical layers of complexity will leave you hanging onto every word. With metaphors about self-doubt, and self-care whether it be the importance of, or lack thereof, he has managed to reach into our psyche and tug on our deepest insecurities and remind us that we are not alone. Song #2 called, Ocean, is one of my favorite tracks; with a jazzy baseline that keeps my head bobbing right to left, and a message encouraging us to Be Like Water. Each song rolls nicely into the next, the vocals complimenting the beat so harmoniously.

It is highly evident that the rapper and the producer are talented, passionate, and learned about their craft. Track entitled, DRIP, should be the millennial anthem that we are forced to learn the words to and belt out with our right hand over our hearts. Cane expresses his innermost demons, and tells us what DRIP really means. And one of the sweetest songs you’ll likely ever hear is dedicated to his baby girl. This song is so adorable it should be considered a lullaby, and his storytelling is so detailed that I can picture him joyously welcoming his daughter into this world.

H20 by Cane can be streamed on all platforms.

Catch him live on stage as he kicks off his Water Park Tour Aug 11 in Richmond, VA.

Written by The Pope

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