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Cane Sharpens His In-Ring Skills In "Razor's Edgeup" Visual

The World Emcee artist Cane released his first visual from his Breathing Underground album, Razor's Edgeup. In the gritty video directed by King Z, Cane walks in similar footsteps as the legendary WWF wrestler Razor Ramon. Cane suffers some injuries after a wrestling match and aims to exact revenge on the heel superstar during his ladder match. The song lets listeners know that the only time he let bullshit fly, is when he turns other rappers' pieces of vinyl into a frisbee.

The wrestling references displayed in the video are very detailed. Cane's attire is in a similar color scheme as the Outsider attire Hall wore in WCW and wearing multiple gold chains like Hall's Razor Ramon character. As a wrestling fan, the viewers will be pleased with the attention to detail in the video along. Cane raps with the bravado of the legendary WWF Intercontinental Champion over the ominous J.L. Hodge production cutting a rap promo towards the ring bloodied up like he's Cactus Jack. With shooters like Bret, yet sharper than the competition, Cane has support from lyrical listeners and wrestling fans alike. I see the cinematics as a remix of Vice's Dark Side of The Ring cutscenes except with gorier effects.

You can follow Cane on all social media @caneisthename and King Z on Instagram @da_king_z

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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