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Cane takes a page out of Bruce Lee's book in "Ocean"

"Ocean" is the newest single release off of Cane’s forthcoming 2023 album entitled H2O. Produced by long time collaborative partner Lou Burna, the beat provides a wavy, soulful soundscape with bouncy drums that Cane navigates with smooth flows and melodies packed with substance and witty wordplay.

The song explores themes of water and the importance of remaining fluid through the highs and lows of life. “You trying to work harder, you gotta be smarter, you are what you put in your body, be water.”

Over time I’ve learned that you can’t get too attached to the great moments nor the bad times. It all comes back around. Oceans flow and oceans crash. It’s all still water. Staying steady through it all is the key. Be water, my friend.

You can catch Cane performing at Something Indie Water on April 28th 12-5pm

Listen to "Ocean": Spotify | Apple Music

Written by OG ILLA

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