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Carnatik exudes taste on "mango lassi"

I'm going to break the usual third-person perspective in which I usually write. It was hard to take notes during this video because all I wanted to do was put the pen down and watch. Then, re-watch: mango lassi by Carnatik.

Carnatik joins forces with Heriberto Solis and Kidz at Play to illustrate his perspective as a South-Asian American from Virginia in a way that is playful and compelling. If you're not careful, you'll mistake the music video for the latest FX production or HBO comedy-drama. Bravo!

mango lassi is one of nine joints from Carnatik's latest project, Sayoni which is available on all streaming platforms.


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// Written by J Geronimo // @ScreamGeronimo (IG) / @GeronimoGTFU

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