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Casino-Damerino Returns With "Juiced" EP

The Maryland rapper and Virginia Union Alum Casino-Damerino have returned with a seven-track EP called Juiced. The project displays why Casino has been isolated to himself and his craft. In the first song Juiced, he spits about how he'll rap better than any other emcee. It transitions over to Boom-Trap where he attacks all the generic topics that rappers will spit about: flaunting the same watch and designer clothing that everyone can purchase. One of those bars is "these [brothers] talking designer, these [brothers] are all suckers, and every rapper bragging about the same watch, my ticks different, we ain't even on the same clock..." playing on to a time bomb reference along with the watch discussed earlier in that specific verse so they know that he's about to blow up with his artistry. He sends shots on Boom-Trap towards all the sucker materialistic emcees with bars to back up his statements on how he'll last in the game longer than his competition.

Outside of discussing the versatility of his craft, he also opens up on how complicated the love scene is nowadays on Cry For You discussing the power of pussy. On the hook, he simply states "pussy is powerful, she comes to me, and then she cry to you" then proceeds to expand on examples of why women come to him after having relationship issues with their significant other. He also produced all the beats on Juiced and you can stream it on all DSP's and Spotify.

Follow Casino on Instagram @raplandlord

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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