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Casino-Damerino's Single "Nobody" Reaches Out to the Heartbroken

Released on November 1st, Casino-Damerino came out with his latest single titled, Nobody. The artist this time around reaches to reassure his audience members, as he talks about the woes of today's love and what past damage does to somebody willing to try again. Broken hearts and disappointment come out to be more of a universal feeling than we'd all like, but Casino advocates that he's still out there looking for true love despite his own bad trips; and unlike just saying he's there, he's ready to turn his intentions to action. Take a moment to slow down and heal with him, to realize that there's more out there than the ones that did you dirty.

Read more about Casino-Damerino's latest EP here and follow the Maryland based

artist on instagram @raplandlord.

Written by Arianna Rackham, @ariannarackham on instagram.

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