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Cin the Ciege's New Single Will Have Any Party "Raging Raving"

Cin the Ciege is kicking off his career with a short-but-sweet party cut, Raging Raving. The song doesn't reach a minute in length and it doesn't need to. This is a song that demands to be a house party favorite, with punk, metal, and psychedelic rap infused all into one banging ode to the rager. The synths are dreamy and complement the breakneck drums. The flow and lyrics give me Death Grips energy, a definite plus. Cin has even released a slowed version, Raving Raging that gives a new tempo and feel to the song. With a poster that looks fresh out of a '90s fighting game, everything about this track fits the energy it tries to tap into.

From the Artist:

Born out of a passionate rage, Cin the Ciege leads us to his new age of Hip Pop Soul. The first stop begins with the hard-knocking Raging Raving. Long live the Ciege!

Follow the artist on social media @cintheciege to stay up to date on visuals and new music, and stream Raging Raving here.

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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