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ClayCo Baby Gives Listeners "Butterflies" With His Recent Single!

Zachary Tran is a sixteen year old rapper who goes by the stage name ClayCo Baby. ClayCo Baby was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. On top of being a rapper, Zachary is also a music engineer who produces and mixes beats as well. This is why the quality of ClayCo Baby's music is truly a cut above the rest.

ClayCo Baby's most recent single, Butterflies, which is featured on his newly released EP, Time Will Tell, is undoubtedly a track that listeners will be bumping 24/7! Zachary engineered the song himself. The beat was produced by @neocadiz, and the guitar loop featured on the track was inspired and sampled from @queennaija.

The track itself draws listeners in with the alluring guitar loop and catchy intro, but Zachary truly transforms the piece into his own with his unique flow and addictive lyrics. On their own, the lyrics are very sweet and loving: "I don't want nobody all I ever want is you. It's us against the world so please don't go to another dude." Once the track is added to it, the lyrics turn into a saucy single that is bound to be an ear-worm for listeners. You'll even be singing along to the hook in your sleep!

ClayCo Baby, who is only sixteen, is for sure only going up from here. His new EP, Time Will Tell, coincidentally dropped today so everyone should go stream that shit HERE!


Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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