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Composer Ben Ferrell Gives Us Modern Jazz Music to Chill To on New Album, "Pink Skies"

Ben Ferrell is a jazz composer out of Virginia. He majored in jazz performance at Old Dominion University and upright bass is his main instrument but he states, " I love working with music of all types of genres and my own compositions range from bedroom pop/lofi hip hop to modern and avant-garde jazz. My newest album, "Pink Skies" came out at the beginning of April, and I have been slowly releasing music videos to go with it. I played almost all the instruments on the record, and it's my take on a lot of the ambient and avant-garde jazz I had been listening to over the isolation of the pandemic." recently a video for his song 'Peace' has been released and its a good place to start if you want to check out this young musician's chill soundscapes.

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