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Corey Hales "Cools It Down" In Newest Single

Photo Credit: Katt Burgundy

Wasting no time following his MajorStage presented co-headlining concert with Marcus Rodriguez at DROM in NYC last month and an impressive 300 Ent. Unplugged series appearance, Massachusett made musician Corey Hales delivers the official music video to his Carter Sanders-produced track Cool It Down. Capturing the bearded Bostonian performing the record poolside with a band while accompanied by an assortment of beautiful women, the visual comes after the release of singles Falling Down, Major Leagues, and Cherry Tree.

In a press statement about what inspired the song, Corey states: "I bought a mustang and was living on my own for the first time in Charleston, but on a cruise home from my Monday gig, I was left thinking about this girl I had just met at the show. I think we all have those moments in our head where we map out everything we wish we said to someone and